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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Fish The Brain Food! Omega-3 fatty acids are from the family of unsaturated fatty acids.Omega-3 fatty acids include ALA[a-linolenic acid],EPA[eicosapentaenoic acid] and DHA,[docosahexaenoic acid]all of which are polyunsaturated.New versions of ethyl esterized omega-3 fatty acids, such as E-EPA and E-DHA has drawn much attention. These are highly purified and more effective.These are sold in US, as prescription medications, by the name Lovaza.
The health benefits of long chain omega-3 fatty acids-EPA and DHA are well known.The Greenland Inuit people consumed large amounts of fat from seafood, but displayed virtually no cardiovascular disease. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids consumed by the Inuit reduced triglycerides, heart rate, blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.
Health benefits of fatty acids.

1]If supplements containing EPA and DHA are taken by people with varicose veins, will benefit them by the stimulation to blood circulation, break down of the clot formation compound fibrin and additionally have reduced blood pressure.
2]Regularly intake of these fatty acids may reduce the risk of secondary and primary heart attack.
3]Some research has suggested that fish oil intake may reduce the risk of ischemic and thrombotic stroke.
4]A 2007 study has found that omega-3 fatty acids supplements benefitted cancer patients,by improving their appetite, weight and quality of life.A EPA supplement helped cancer patients retain muscle mass.
5]A study has concluded that administration of purified EPA improves the thickness of carotid arteries along with improved blood flow in people with unhealthy blood sugar levels.
6]Another study has found that when patients were given about 4grams a day of both EPA and DHA,their unhealthy triglyceride levels went down by 45% and VLDL cholesterol by 50%.
7]Essential fatty acids supplementation was found to improve developmental health in children and studies suggests permanent central nervous system regeneration.
8]It is found that eating fish may be a great idea to ward off chronic inflammation and insulin resistance.Obesity and diabetes are closely correlated.Obese fat tissue contains lots of macrophages producing lots of cytokines, which cause inflammation and rising insulin resistance.A receptor called GPR120, which is found only on pro-inflammatory macrophages in mature fat cells, was selected and Omega-3 fatty acids activated the macrophage receptor, resulting in broad anti-inflammatory effects and improved systemic insulin sensitivity.
Risks of fatty acids:
However, it’s not clear how much fish oil constitutes a safe, effective dose. If too high, it could up the risk of to increased risk of bleeding and stroke in some people.
Omega-3 Foods.
1] Oily Fish  2}walnuts 3]Linseed oil.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Understanding Diabetes

This is a good news for diabetic people. The news is that diabetic people are living for more than 40,50,60 years after having diagonised with diabetes.It is true that diabetes affects the lifespan of people.A few studies have established that the diabetic patient live 8-10 years less.

But the longivity of people with diabetes is also now has come to be known.As Dr.Mohan says it is due to the lifestyle and meticulous control of diabetes.  Studies are going on to know whether any protective gene is responsible for this.

 The other findings are

 About 25 percent of people who have lived for more than 40 years with diabetes had no complications about heart,kidneys,foot or eye.They have had a fairly good quality of life.
 Even children detected with type1 diabetes even as young as three years old are living as granfathers and have had children also.
 Patients with type 2 diabetes are still living even after 40 years on tablets only, not depending on insulin as belived to be the only way out.
 Further the doctors says that the key for their longivity is the way they had been with their treatment, irrespective of the kind of treatment.The patern seams to be regular exercise,correct diet,blood sugar tests,and maintaing their AIC level to 7.
 Patients should take their diabetic condition seriously from the very beginning and keep the blood sugar under control. If they do so their life will be a healty one.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The benefits of any physical fitness program should be to the whole body. That is your exercise routine must concentrate on improving the overall fitness of the body.You should increase your strength, stamina and suppleness.
Swimming for Stamina Stamina,the ability to keep yourself going, is a key factor for any athlete to perform well. Building better stamina can be accomplished through a variety of means and will help you achieve more in all areas of life. Stamina, or endurance can be improved by moving the large muscle groups in the body,in a rhythmic and continues motion.This kind of motion can be got from running,jogging,skipping and sports such as football, tennis and swimming.This kind of exercise is very beneficial for your heart's health.The aerobic activity pushes the heart to pump more oxygen to cells within the body.A well conditioned heart can pump more blood with fewer heartbeat than a less conditioned heart.
You must control your blood sugar levels,Which may effect your stamina.Your brain sends signals to the body and is responsible for every thing that happens inside the body.The fuel for brain is glucose.This glucose is not stored in brain.There is direct relation between glucose level and blood sugar levels.When blood sugar level is
high, the excess gets stored as fat, which effects your stamina.At the same time when sugar level goes down due to longer intervals between meals,brain doesn't gets its fuel.When brain is denied fuel to function smoothly fatigue sets in and effects your stamina.Eating smaller, more frequent meals will help keep blood sugar regulated throughout the day.
A strength exercise routine should include exercises for the whole body starting from upper body, mid section to lower body.Due to strength exercises bones and muscles get strong.Strength exercise enhances calcium absorption in bones,which helps building of bones and bones to stay strong. Push-up Exercise Regular exercise results in increased bone density.Exercise such as push-ups,pull-ups and squats are very useful to tone your muscles.Running or walking up-hill will strengthen the thigh muscles.Using one's own body weight as resistance is the simplest and easiest way to build muscle strength.A good physical body increases your confidence levels as well as keeps you active all day.
Suppleness is the ability to bend or twist with ease.This motion of a joint 
can be increased by stretching.Stretching exercises improves this suppleness of the body allowing one to bend and move easily without discomfort.The full range of the motion can be gone through with ease.Stretch exercise After a workout or a game or a routine exercise, stretching exercise is a must and be done without fail.This exercise keeps you more relaxed and flexible, gives a better coordination between the muscles and helps to prevent injuries.Your movements will have a graceful look.
Raghu Natrajan